My Projects

The formatting on this page sucks, and really needs some work… it’ll get there.  For now, here’s a couple quick links to my personal projects:

Simpleweight.comSimple Weight – This was a service my brother and I created several years back.  You can read more about it there – right now I want to tell you about the technology.  This was my first attempt at writing a full Ruby on Rails application.   Turned out ok, but in all honestly the code is awful – I wrote it like I was a Java developer – that doesn’t make for good ruby code.   Right now the service is still up, but the code is going through a major overhaul.  Look for new things soon!

AritcClips Home PageArtic Clips – This is a new project my lovely wife and I are undertaking.   We’ve been talking about doing this project together for a few years now.  In case you’re unaware – she’s a Speech Pathologist.  She’s used several tools in the past find and create therapy materials for her patients and has always complained about them.   This project is our attempt at creating something better – it’ll be a rough cut the first couple releases, but we’re really hopeful Artic Clips will create something of value to the community.

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